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Shoei Helmets - Information (Including Shoie RF1000 X11 X-Eleven Hornet Multitec Helments)

Shoei Helmet Sizing Guide | Shoei Helmet Manuals | Shoei Helmet Maintenance | Shoei Technology | Shoei FAQ | Shoei Helmets USA | Shoei History

Most Popular Shoei Helmets on the USA market today, include:
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shoei x-11 helmets for sale usa Shoei X-11 Helmets
Also known as Shoei x-eleven x11 and x-11 helments. This is the top of the range Shoei Full Face helmet. Shoei X-11 Models inlcude: EBoz Elias Kagayama Kiyonari Tamada Vermeulen Luthi and Locatelli Hemets. The Shoei X-Eleven is a popular choice with serious motorcycle riders & racers.
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shoei rf1000 rf-1000 helmets for sale usa Shoei RF-1000 Helmets (Diabolic / Flutter / Camino )
Also known as Shoei RF1000 and RF 1000 Helments. This is one of the best value full face shoie helmets available. Great quality helmet at a great value make this a favorite helmet with streetbike riders. RF-1000 models include: Shoei Diabolic Camino Caster RF Breakthrough Strife Voyager and Shoei RF Flutter for women.
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shoei hornet helmets for sale usa Shoei Hornet DS Helmets
The shoei hornet is a dual sport helmet which bridges the gap between sport street riding & off-road motorcycling. If you ride a dual sport motorcycle such as Ducati Multistrada , KTM , Caponord , Strom , GS , Buell - then the Shoie Hornet DS is the ideal helmet. Also available as Hornet Sonora.
Buy Shoei Hornet Helmets (Free Shipping)
shoei multitec helmets for sale usa Shoei Multitec Helmets - Flip up Modular Helmet
Also known as Shoie Multitech Helmet. The Multitech is one of the new breed of flip-up modular helmets. These helmets combine the convenience of an open-face helmet, with the security & safety of a full face helmet. The Shoei Multitech is one of the best quality flipup helmets available on the USA market today.
Buy Shoei Multitec Helmets (Free Shipping)
shoei tzr helmets for sale usa Shoei TZR Helmets - Full Face TZ-R
The Shoie TZR combines the knowledge gained from Shoei Racing experience, and combines it into a great value full face helmet - ideal for Street & Sportbikes, cruising and touring. Available in a range of solid & graphics - including TZR Orb , Sentry , Tide , Vogue Helmets.
Buy Shoei TZR Helmets (Free Shipping)
shoei motocross helmets for sale usa Shoei VFX Motocross Helmets
The Shoie VFX-W helmet is the pinnacle of shoei off-road and motocross helmets. The VFX-W combines the latest innovations into one the the safest MX helments available today. Helmet colors & graphics include: FCR3 , Sabre , Scimitar .
Buy Shoei VFX Motocross Helmets (Free Shipping)
shoei st cruz helmets for sale usa

Shoei St Cruz Helmets
The Shoei St Cruz (St-Cruz / Stcruz helments) is a shorty style helmet (half-helmet) - ideal for cruiser riding. Retro style helmet features removable neck curtain.
Buy Shoei St-Cruz Helmets (Free Shipping)

shoei rj helmets for sale usa Shoei RJ Helmets - Open Face Platinum Helmets
The Shoie RJ helments are the pinnacle of open-face helmets available today. Styles include the Shoei RJ Platinum in a selection of solid colors. Ideal for cruising or touring with the convenience of an open face helmet.
Buy Shoei RJ Helmets (Free Shipping)
shoei jwing j-wing helmets for sale usa Shoei J-Wing Helmets
The Shoie Jwing helment is the most functional open-face helmet around. The J-Wing combines the convenience of an open face helmet with the safety of Shoei technology. The full visor makes this an ideal helmet for cross country touring and cruising.
Buy Shoei J-Wing Helmets (Free Shipping)

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Where can I buy Shoei helmets in USA ?
In USA Shoei motorcycle helmets are distributed by our various importers. If you are searching for your nearest Shoei Dealer - such as Atlantic Moto please contact the importer who is responsible for your country.

Where can I get information about prices or about the availability of Shoei Helmets ?
If you require information about the availability or the prices of Shoei helmets or spare parts please contact the Shoei importer in USA.

Is a crashed / dropped shoei helmet still safe to wear?
Current safety helmets are designed to absorb the energy of an accident by being destroyed. Even a small impact can damage the integrity of the shell or the inner liner. Quite often this damage may be unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Therefore, any shoie helmet involved in an impact should not be used again.

Does Shoei provide motorcycle racing support?
Shoei helmets are worn by some of the worlds top racers and Shoei does provide some amateur racing support too.
If you are interested in Shoei sponsorship please contact your local importer. Due to the overwhelming number of request for sponsorship they receive each year, they unfortunately cannot help all the racers that deserve support.

How do I clean the shoei helmet properly?
Inside: All our interiors are washable! If you own a helmet with a detachable interior, just remove it and wash it in lukewarm water. Please use a mild soap. If your helmet is not equipped with a detachable interior, please put the whole helmet into lukewarm water. After washing, the helmet must dry without the use of any drying tools like hairdryers, etc. In a warm and dry environment the drying time should take at least 48 hours. But again, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY DRYING TOOLS as they may damage the inner liner of your helmet.
Outside: Please clean the outside of your helmet with water and a mild soap.
As Shoei helmets are painted, it is also possible to use car polish to keep the paint in a good condition.
Please do not use cleaning sprays or liquid window cleaner as they may damage the polycarbonate parts of the ventilation or your shield.
Shield: It is very important not to use any cleaning sprays or liquid window cleaner on your shield. Please clean your shield only with lukewarm water and a mild soap.
Tip: Put a wet towel on your shield, leave it there for some minutes and insects can be removed easily.

Can I paintbrush my Shoei helmet?
It is possible to repaint your Shoei helmet. You can use any colours which are not Nitro based. Please make sure that no aggressive fumes will enter the inside of the helmet.
You can also attach stickers to your helmet. They do not have any influence on the shell material.

Why is Shoei using different chin strap locks?
Shoei helmets are either equipped with our One-Touch-Buckle or the Double-D-Ring. Neither of them is safer than the other. For comfort oriented shoei models we prefer the One-Touch-Buckle. Once you have adjusted this kind of chin strap lock you can open and close it very easily. Our sport orientated models come with the Double-D-Ring. The reason is simply that Grand Prix Racers are forced to wear that system during the races and these helmet models have their origin on the racetrack.

Shoei - A Brief Company History

SHOEI has been dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since 1958.

The company was started by the immense spirit and determination of its founder Eitaro Kamata, who designed and used his first products exclusively for the racing sector.

What is amazing even by today’s standards is the pace at which SHOEI became popular all over the world: starting in the late sixties, SHOEI’s reputation as a top quality brand spread first over the U.S., then later all over the motor markets of Europe.
Shoei Company History & Information

Shoei Helmets USA

SHOEI USA exclusively uses fibre-reinforced plastics that offer the best properties for the manufacture of a helmet shell. Thanks to having many years of experience and highly specialised employees, SHOEI is in a position to produce helmet shells that are extremely strong and yet light. Each helmet shell is marked personally by the employee who is responsible for it and thus puts his name on the line for the quality of this example.
Learn More about Shoei Helmets in USA

Shoei Technology

SHOEI Ventilation
Helmet Ventilation is more effective if the air has a way out.

That is why SHOEI helmets do not only have effective intakes, but also devices through which hot air can leave the helmet. In the case of our top models, these are the Aero-Vortex-Ventilations.

With their characteristic V-shape, they create negative pressure making use of the riding windstream.

Warm air from the rider´s head is actively drawn out of the helmet.
More Shoei Technology Information

Shoei Helmet Maintenance & Replacement
Ultimately, the useful service life of a safety helmet is dependent on the intensity and frequency of its use. Helmet replacement is recommended even if only one of the under-mentioned points applies:

  1. The helmet was subjected to an impact.
  2. The comfort padding or the retention system has become loose due to heavy use or display signs of deterioration.
  3. The synthetic foam padding displays signs of heavy use and the helmet feels too loose. Test: with the retention system fastened, the helmet turns to the side when you gently shake your head.
    More Shoei Maintenance Information

SHOEI Helmet Manuals
Do you need manuals for your Shoei Helmet ? This page shows a selection of official Shoei Manuals - in PDF format. Click these links for Shoei Helmet Manuals, including Shoei RF1000 Shoei X-11 J-Wing Multitec and Hornet Manuals.
Shoei Helmet Manuals

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