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Nolan Helmets - Information (Including N103 N102 Helmets)

Nolan Helmet Sizing Guide

Nolan Helmets Company Philosophy | Nolan Safety & Quality | Made in Italy | Nolan Helmets Features

Most Popular Nolan Helmets on the USA market today, include:
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nolan helmets n103 helmet usa Nolan N103 Helmets
The Nolan N-103 is a modular flip-up helmet. Features include VPS (Vision Protection System) - which is a short dark shield mounted on the inside of the shell and moving independently from the clear shield. As thick as a regular faceshield, it provides real eye protection when used independently from the clear shield. The Nolan N103 is ready for N-COM communication system.
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nolan n102 helmets flip up modular helmets for sale usa Nolan N102 Helmets (Ncom 102 Helmet)
Another flip up modular helmet from Nolan. The N102 helmet features include - Ready for N-COM communication system, Multi-position anti-scratch shield accepts NFR antifog insert (included). Helmet Chin curtain included.
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Nolan N84 N-Com Helmets Nolan N84 N-Com Helmets (N84 Full Face Helmet)
Nolan is famous for their line of full-face helmets, which offer the latest design and superior comfort at a reasonable cost. In the US , Nolan offers the N-84 NCOM, which is packed with features, of which the most exciting are the innovative integrated sun-shield design and the NCOM communication system that can be added seamlessly to the helmet.
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Nolan N42 Open Face helmets for sale USA Nolan N42E Ncom Helmets - Open Face Helmet
The Nolan N42 is an excellent quality open face helmet - with the practicality of a large visor. Features of the N42E include: Ready for N-COM communication system, Improved aerodynamic polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler for improved stability # Rear export ventilation, VPS (Vision Protection System) - short dark shield mounted on outside of the shell and moving independently from the clear shield with 3 positions
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nolan flashback helmets n30 retro helmets Nolan N30 Flashback Retro Helmets
The Nolan N-30 is an open-face helmet with retro graphics (not unlike Davida & Momo Retro style helmets). Nolan N30 Flashback helmet features include: Polycarbonate shell painted in flat two-tone retro colors with retro “Nolan” logo, Fully removable and washable liner on snaps and tabs, Sanitized anti-microbial hypoallergenic interior, Optically correct, tool-less quick-change Lexan faceshield, offers UV 400 protection – the helmet comes standard with a light blue faceshield
Buy Nolan N30 Flashback Helmets (Free Shipping)
Nolan outlaw openface helmets for sale usa Nolan Outlaw Openface Helmets
The Nolan Outlaw is a great quality openface helmet. Features include: Polycarbonate shell painted in flat or gloss black and Hi-Brite protective clear coat, Fully removable and washable liner on snaps and tabs, Sanitized antimicrobial hypoallergenic interior.
Buy Nolan Outlaw Helmets (Free Shipping)
Nolan Cruise Openface Helmets
The Nolan Cruise makes the perfect half-helmet - shorty style helmet for riding your cruiser motorcycle. Features include: Black visor on snaps, Padded removable neck curtain, Forehead vents, Double D-ring retention system.
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Nolan Helmets Company Philosophy
Nolan Helmets was founded in Italy in 1972 when Lander Nocchi, entrepreneur in the motorcycle and car accessories mae a an important ove. His challenge was to create a lighter weight and less expensive motorcycle helmet than those on sale at that time. He started by importing Lexan, a versatile, lightweight material from the United States.

Next Nolan Helmets purchased some injection machines and began to manufacture poly-carbonate crash helmets. The Nolan Company was established. The helmet company met with great success – due mainly to the quality of its helmet products.

Over 35 years manufacturing motorcycle helmets and partnering with material suppliers, NOLAN raised the performances of its products to the maximum level and significantly broadened its range of motorcycle helmets.

Research, technology, and production combined with exceptional helmet design have allowed the Nolan brand to increase its share of motorcycle helmet market in Europe, USA and the rest of the world. on the main world markets.

Nolan Helmets Safety & Quality
Within the Nolan company is a research & testing lab which is considered qualified by the Italian Ministry of Transport and ensures that all Nolan helmets meet strict European & American helmet safety standards. Once approval has been given, line production begins in conjunction with constant and thorough checks on every single helmet component.

The finished helmet is also tested through destructive tests on random samples to ascertain compliance with international standards. Nolan has always submitted its products to additional tests, not required by current regulations: the helmet is most extreme operating conditions are submitted to laboratory-simulation, thus ensuring the highest standards of quality.

The company uses a quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) allowing us to improve continually the various processes from design and development through to production and sales.

All Nolan helmets are guaranteed for 5 years, from the date of purchase, against any defect arising from materials or the manufacturing process.

Nolan Helmets – Technology & Manufacture
The Nolan Research and Development department, coordinates the various stages of each design project. Starting with initial design & conception of a new motorcycle helmet, thru to marketing departments, helmet design & enginering, to the final manufacturing stage of the motorcycle helmet. All stages are handled in-house at Nolan Italy - machinery and workforce, as well as materials - ensuring quality control throughout the process.

Made in Italy
The creation of new products, along with handling of the development processes, are among the most fundamental features of Nolan Helmets. A large part of efforts and resources goes into enhancing the quality of every single product, in terms of safety, performance and comfort.

Motorcycle Racing Development
For Nolan helmets, motorcycle races are synonymous with research and design. Each helmet is developed by testing the ideas and suggestions of the numerous professional motorcycle riders & racers sponsored by Nolan for World Championships.

All the helmet technology found on full-face, open-face, and modular flip-up helmets comes from testing and feedback found on the race track. Motorcycle races are the ideal testing ground for Nolan technicians from the Racing Service to carry out the task of giving technical assistance to riders, while obtaining feedback and information about Nolan Helmets from the race track.

Nolan Helmet Features
Nolan Helmets – Outer Shell
The outer shell of the helmet is injection moulded with General Electric polycarbonate Lexan® EXL, the resin that, with a defined shape, thickness and procedure, provides superior performance level to other plastics, especially in terms of high impact resistance: during impact testing, this product showed values of 900/1000 J/m, instead of 550/600 J/m for ABS resin. Moreover, Lexan® EXL resin, invented and manufactured by the General Electric Company, also distinguishes itself by its superior thermal resistance: the range of GE Lexan® EXL resin is between - 30°C and + 120°C (for ABS: - 20°C and + 50°C). Nolan regularly tests painted and unpainted shells, at ambient temperature and at temperature of -20°C, by means of a compressed air pipe on which shell and chin guard are placed. The test consists of shooting a bullet with a 400 Joule energy towards specific points of impact.

Inner Shell of Nolan Helmets
The inner shell of the helmet is injection moulded with foam polystyrene and provides shock absorption during an impact.
It can be injected in differentiated densities for the various shell areas, in order better to meet the requirements of the international helmet safety standards.

Nolan Helmet Shields & Visors
The helmet shields are Injection moulded with General Electric Lexan® OQ resin, offering a UV protection
up 400 nanometres. It is ECE/ONU 22-05 approved. The Helmet Shields are Scratch Resistant coated on both sides and is ready for Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR).

Nolan Inner Helmet Lining
The research and development that is obtained at motorcycle race tracks, with the Nolan Group official motorcyclists, combined with the helmet tests in the Nolan wind tunnels allow the Nolan range of motorcycle helmets to achieve high performances for their helmets' inner padding in terms of shock absorption, breathability and comfort. The helmet inner lining & padding use the best fabrics, hypoallergenic and breathable lining, which undergo the Sanitized® treatment to ensure freshness over long rides.

Helmet Retention System
The retention system used on Nolan helmets is among the most important safety elements - since a helmet that comes lose in an accident is next to useless. The helmet retention system that Nolan use includes bands, hangers, rivets, and the fastening system. Quality control with routine checks carried out by helmet material suppliers. In-house checks include a fastening system duration test (opening/closing cycles), mechanical resistance tests, and wear tests.

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