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Arai Helmet Sizing Guide

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NOTE: These sizing charts are provided by the manufacturer and/or distributor responsible for this brand. Atlantic Moto makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of measurements and/or fit provided on this page.

Correctly fitting and sizing a helmet is an extremely important process. There are many factors that go into getting the right helmet size, no matter what you've "always worn". Factors like head shape, cheek thickness, crown padding, and so on go far beyond a simple size measurement. The right helmet will not only be quieter and not move around on your head, it will do a much better job of protection.

Use the charts below to determine your correct Arai Helmet Size.

You may also find the following PDF useful when choosing your arai helmet size
Arai Helmet Sizing
Arai Interior Head/Helmet Shapes
How to Fit an Arai Helmet

Like our optional Removable / Replaceable Cheekpads that allow you to more custom-fit your Arai, we offer the same option on above models with Removable Liners.

NOTE: When ordering an optional Liner of a different size, you must order the same Lining Code that comes in your helmet, and then specify the desired thickness. For example, if you desire an optional 5mm liner for a "Large" helmet, you must specify an "III-5mm" liner.

Arai Motorcycle Helmet Size Selection & Head Circumference
arai helmet size selection
Arai Motorcycle Helmet Interior Headliner Thickness
arai helmet interior lining thickness


After many years of customer feedback, we have found that helmet satisfaction starts with understanding - most importantly, understanding how proper fit affects helmet performance during everyday riding. And, with Arai, how that comfort extends to the actual shell shape itself, which is why we offer three different interior shell shapes. (Arai does not believe that all-day comfort can be achieved by trying to stuff every head shape into a single helmet interior shape.)

In order to offer the most comfort, a helmet must fit snugly around the entire head contour. (This is partly determined by firm, even pressure at all contact points, and without pressure points that could become uncomfortable in the future) A previous helmet of the same brand, model and size - even if an Arai - may not offer the same fit as a current model or size because the evolution of design and use of new materials can affect the final design. ( For example, such advances and refinements have made our new RX-7 Corsair and Quantum-2 shapes able to fit more riders than their immediate predecessors, the RX-7 RR4 and Quantum/f.)

Attention must be paid to the fit of the model's shape around the crown of your head and not with facial fit. (The part that is contacted by a baseball cap's band, for example, is the crown) Cheek pads in all Arai helmets can be replaced with a size that better suits your facial structure, so they should only be addressed after the crown is properly sized. All too often tight cheek pads will result in purchasing a helmet one or even two sizes too big — in effect sizing the face and not the head! The end result will be a loose and noisy helmet, as described above. (Riders with a strong jaw or heavy cheeks should first remove the cheekpads completely in order to not be distracted in determining crown fit.)

How can you determine which Arai interior shell shape is best suited for you? In general, our interiors for the North American markets have an oval shape orientation (somewhat longer front-to-back and a little narrow from side-to-side) because that is the shape that tends to fit most of us. Our different models then vary slightly based on that general Oval shape to accommodate a much wider fit range.

1. LONG OVAL (very long front-to-back, veroom for those who find that most helmets have pressure points in the forehead. ry narrow side-to-side). On this end of the scale, we have the new Profile model, offering additional forehead
(a little shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side than the Long Oval). This next fit package comes in our RX-7 CORSAIR model, which begins the shift from oblong towards round.

(even a little shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side). This next fit package is represented by both our Quantum-2 and our Astral-X models.

The Astral-X has a slightly more "relaxed" fit - a bit more room in the forehead area — mainly because the Astral has a non-removable liner.

The Quantum-2's liner, on the other hand, is fully-removable, which makes it feel a bit more "round". Be sure to try both on to determine which feels better on your head.

No one pays more attention to the subtle variations and the infinite possibilities of the human head shape than Arai. And, even though we know we can never build a perfect shape for everyone, we go to the extra time and expense to make a genuine effort to offer shapes that allow more people to find a better and more comfortable fit than by simply offering one model. This is why it is important for you to understand the different aspects of sizing as it relates to brands, models and in Arai's case — interior shapes.

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