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KBC Helmet Sizing Guide

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NOTE: These sizing charts are provided by the manufacturer and/or distributor responsible for this brand. Atlantic Moto makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of measurements and/or fit provided on this page.

Measure the circumference of the head, one inch above the eyebrows and above the ears. Much like a head band would fit. Take this measurement a few times to insure accuracy.

Correctly fitting and sizing a helmet is an extremely important process. There are many factors that go into getting the right helmet size, no matter what you've "always worn". Factors like head shape, cheek thickness, crown padding, and so on go far beyond a simple size measurement. The right helmet will not only be quieter and not move around on your head, it will do a much better job of protection.

KBC Helmet Sizes - including Ed Hardy Helmets

Size Inch Around Hat Size cm
X-Small 21-1/4 6-5/8 - 6-3/4 53-54
Small 21-5/8 6-7/8 - 7 55-56
Medium 22-3/8 7-1/8 - 7-1/4 57-58
Large 23-1/8 7-3/8 - 7-1/2 59-60
X-Large 23-1/2 7-5/8 - 7-3/4 61-62
XX-Large 24-1/4 8 63-64
XXX-Large 24-5/8 8-3/4 - 8-1/2 65-66

Use the charts above to determine your correct KBC Helmet Size.

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