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Shoei X 12 Light Silver HelmetShoei X 12 Light Silver Helmet
Sale Price $593.99
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Shoei RF-1100 Matte Black HelmetShoei RF-1100 Matte Black Helmet
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Shoei VFX-W FCR3 TC-2 HelmetShoei VFX-W FCR3 TC-2 Helmet
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Shoei X 12 Glory 2 TC-2 HelmetShoei X 12 Glory 2 TC-2 Helmet
Sale Price $692.99
Arai Quantum 2 Silver Frost CloseoutArai Quantum 2 Silver Frost Closeout
Sale Price $345.00

Many thanks for your help & advice. My Arai Corsair V arrived on time, and fits great!"
Paul G - Gainesville FL.

"My husband loves his new Shoei Helmet. Thanks for all your help."
Susan T - Raleigh NC.
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Arai Vector Samurai White HelmetArai Vector Samurai White Helmet Ref: 81-5230

Sale Price:$530.96
Lowest Price Guarantee


The Vector brings one more dimension to the Arai line: a helmet for riders looking for a more basic helmet, but one that has just the right features for all-day comfort, and the name Arai on the front.

  • Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) shell that combines excellent shell integrity with light weight.
  • Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air
  • Intermediate Oval Fit.
  • Multifoam washable interior with removable and replaceable cheek pads.
  • Arai's exclusive multi-density, single piece EPS liner.
  • Large volume upper intake and exhaust vents designed to be operated with gloved hands.
  • Dual pivot chin vent to direct air to the rider or the shield for de-misting.
  • Reinforced shell ridges with integrated side exhaust vents.
  • De-mist faceshield locking tab pushes forward to open the faceshield
  • DOT & Snell M2005 approved.

    Arai Sizing Guide


    Our exclusive ScLc (Super Complex Laminate Construction), commonly referred to as F.A.S.T. (Fiberglass Aerospace Shell Technology) construction, due to its development heritage, is 40% stronger than standard fiberglass in extension and bending resistance.
    Arai's revolutionary Super-AdSis° tool-less shield-changing mechanism lets you change shields in seconds without even removing the side pods. Now it's been updated with Arai's LRS Shield Release System. LRS upgrades Super AdSis° to make faceshield removal even easier. (Can be retro-fit to all Super AdSis°-equipped models.)
    All Arai helmets give you the exceptional benefits of Multiple-Foam Interiors for comfort no single-foam liner can match. And every Arai interior is still fit individually by hand.
    Arai's Optically-Correct Pre-Formed Faceshields give better vision and UV ray protection, with less distortion. Available in Clear, Light Tint, Dark Tint - and High Definition Yellow and new Iridium in some models.
    Our Rear Exhaust Channel And Vent adds a racy look while drawing more hot air out from the helmet interior.
    Removable/Replaceable Cheek Pads - an advancement first brought to you by Arai - give you a more custom fit and comfort by allowing you to replace standard pads with optional sizes closer to your individual facial contour. (The Earcups in open-face and MXC models offer the same benefits.)
    Removable breath guard helps reduce fogging by directing breath away from the visor.
    Plush removable, washable interior with Dry-Cool liner material utilises micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer keeps the head dryer and cooler.
    FFS FreeFlow System - Combining new cheek pad design, redesigned neck roll, and extended pull-down chin spoiler helps reduce wind noise and increase the exhaust of hot air.
    TD-Style 4-Way Ventilation System - Four vents (two front, two rear) move more cooling air throughout the interior and, more importantly, displace hot air. (The best way to cool a helmet interior is to pull more hot air out.)
    Unique Pull-Down airflow chin spoiler further helps minimise wind noise.
    Arai's unique BrowVent Faceshield Ventilation System gives you more cooling air in the upper face area with no holes in the critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material.
    This simple De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly to help clear fogging if needed.
    All Arai Helmets meet or exceed Snell and D.O.T. standards (see inside back cover for Snell details). Note that the Snell Standard does not cover the Rockguard two-piece off-road helmets. In one-piece, full-face off-road models, the Standard covers the Chinbar for deflection only.
    Nothing felt better on my head - Calvin, B.C. Canada

    The price for Arai helmets is pretty steep for the average person, like myself, but after trying on multiple brands in the store nothing felt better on my head than the Arai. Other helmets put too much pressure on certain points of my head, like the padding was too thin or sparsely applied. The Arai felt like it cushioned my whole head and although it was snug at first, the helmet now feels like second nature to me. This helmet is also very light which lessens fatigue on long rides. Just by picking up other brands of helmets, I could tell they were a lot heavier helmets. The quality of the Arai is also apparent in their venting system, which works great.

    Most comfortable helmet I've ever owned
    - Anthony, MD

    Excellent fit, very comfortable for long rides due to it's incredibly light weight. Most comfortable helmet I've ever owned. Top notch craftmanship and finish.

    Would recommend it for everyone
    - Travis, MN

    The fit, finish, and quality of construction puts Arai in a class all its own. Your head is worth every dollar spent. There is a reason Arai has won the JD Powers award for quality and customer service for the last five years. Excellent helmet and would recommend it for everyone.

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    Arai Quantum 2 Silver Frost Closeout
    Arai Quantum 2 Silver Frost Closeout
    Sale Price: $345.00

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